Make Everyone Safer

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Make Everyone Safer


There is no peace without safety.

In the daily grind of living, all things are ceased when danger arises, and all attention is focused on escaping or removing that danger.

Whether it is an intentional threat like war or an act of God like a hurricane; the hope of all people is that they and their loved ones will escape harm, that together they can rebuild and recover a state of normalcy.

Make everyone safer.

When we were faced with our need for a mission statement, we thought long and hard about what was the farthest reaching goal we could find. In my own heart, I longed to remove the danger, but it’s not possible in this world today – perhaps someday in a utopia of harmlessness, we’ll be able to live life completely free of unwanted risk, but today there is danger and it cannot be removed.

So, we sought the next best thing, to make everyone safer. But how can we do that?

There are two kinds of safety: proactive & reactive.

Proactive safety involves putting systems and materials in place to respond to new and predictable dangers as they arise; it is the implementation of defenses and supplies to better prepare people for dangers that can be expected.

Reactive safety is the training and knowledge that better prepare people for general and unexpected danger, the kind that is a surprise, no matter how much we plan.

To answer this mission of making everyone safer, we here at the Mead Group are seeking to distribute knowledge first, the best and simplest form of safety preparedness available.

Knowledge is a uniquely human response to life that is an utterly wonderful defense against all the things that plague us; it’s great because it multiplies at no cost but time and connection.

By sharing our knowledge through seminars, white papers, and blog posts like this, we hope to start a groundswell of personal, family, and corporate training that will be shared exponentially and distribute information that makes people safer. If we can offer information and use technology to publish that knowledge to the world, we are fulfilling our mission.

In pursuit of that goal, we also offer the goods and services needed to build a proactive safety plan for you, your loved ones, and your community. We do this to empower ourselves in our mission and to enable a greater reach; so, your business helps us help others as well.

Our mission is simple, make everyone safer; and to do that, we need you as well. We hope you will join us in inviting the world by sharing information that decreases danger and increases safety.

Malcolm Mead

CEO, The Mead Group