Is your business prepared for the next crisis?

Resilience is the business process for avoiding problems, creating redundancy, and planning for crisis, before it happens.  It includes all the major aspects of business continuity (BC), IT/disaster recovery (IT/DR), and emergency response/human safety (ER/HS).  For an organization to be truly resilient, it must have strong programs in each of these areas and have done the work to coordinate priorities between these areas based on the crisis at hand.


Are your resiliency plans coordinated across all departments?

At Mead Resilience, Unified Enterprise Continuity (UEC) is our framework designed to ensure that these different areas work in harmony towards the combined goal of continued and effective business operations.  We work with you to:


Give the stakeholders in each of these areas a means to be comprehensive in their coverage to avoid gaps

Avoid conflicts in priority between these three layers of focus so emergency response is coordinated and efficient.


We walk your leadership in each area through their plans, allowing each to run according to its individual mission, and isolate those places where things are missing as well as places where two or more policies might come into conflict. Since UEC is designed to work with existing programs, our process enables leadership to coordinate while avoiding the need for major changes to plans that are already in place.


So, are you ready to take your resiliency plans to the next level?

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