We make tech work for  you, so you can focus on business

The Mead Group is a business consulting company that handles technology issues from a corporate perspective. Supported by the highest levels of technology expertise, your business can finally focus on its core competencies, and not be slowed down by the complexities of digital services. We work with you to understand what you do, and then explain what we do, so you can decide what matches your business objectives.

With our own private Tier 3 Data Center at the digital epicenter of Seattle, our proven world-class Consulting Services, and our whole business Enterprise Continuity products, we can be a powerhouse at your side.

We have a 20-year history of working with some of the top brands around the world. We got there by first talking about business, translating technology into common language, and helping intelligent people make their own decisions about what should be done.

We learn your expertise so we can share ours.

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ColoCenters has been a leading colocation provider in the Pacific Northwest since 1997 and offers the highest compliance carrier and bandwidth neutral colocation in the most central location available. Our history of excellence, our reputation for integrity and stability, and our track-record of customer satisfaction speak for themselves. So does our “8-nines” of uptime and our Tier-3 electrical infrastructure.

Nexis Preparedness Systems, a recent acquisition of the Mead Group, is a leader in physical and process driven business continuity for Fortune 500 companies. Working with national fulfillment suppliers, we design the plans and deliver the materials to make your employees safe, your site resilient, and your business secure against unplanned events.

Mead Group Consulting has 20 years developing business-driven technology solutions for Fortune 100 companies around the world, supporting every aspect of enterprise architecture, from networks to database design. We specialize in rapid deployment (“you had three months, you’ve got three days”), and business continuity (“this can never, ever go down”). When we approach your issue, we start at your understanding of what you need, and translate it to tech.

Emergencies Never Wait For Your Permission

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