Here’s a game you can play. When any consultant comes in, see how long it takes for them to communicate to you that you, in fact, don’t understand the situation and need them to instruct you. It can be technology, drywall, or sandwich making – but the sequence is usually the same; first they teach you that you don’t know, then they show you what you don’t know, then they offer you a solution that they may have even had planned before visiting. They don’t have malice about it, it’s just how people tend to do business when they are fixated on one speciality – the whole world becomes a nail.

At Mead Group Consulting, we have spent decades talking with brilliant executives at the largest brands, often in very serious and immediate crisis. We have learned that the best way to help a company is to follow your understanding, rather than impose our own.

When we arrive, we talk to you about what you understand. We discuss your core business, diagram how your production process evolves, and not only learn from you how your business works, but also capture the essential nature of the problem you are trying to solve; using your expertise, not our own. We have done this for years.

Then, in the same free session, we get to work translating the elements of what you’ve told us into technological terms, so that you can decide what outcome best prioritizes your needs and goals.

We do not believe that our job is to prove how little you know about technology, but rather to show how fast we can help you understand the problem, and then help you determine the solution you would build if you knew how.

With our long and proven history of delivering consulting services to Fortune 100 companies around the world, our problem-solving experience is second to none.

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