we drive the infrastructure so you can drive the rest


ColoCenters currently provides colocation to the most exacting customers there are: large corporations, major carriers, and cloud providers. We are stable and consistent at all times so they can focus on their core businesses. Here’s how:

be dull

Nobody wants an “exciting” datacenter. For 17 years, we have consistently delivered the highest performance metrics measurable (99.999% uptime or better); in fact, our performance is strong enough that most of our clients have been with us for a decade or more without issue. Let the other facilities have news and changes. We’re the same every day.

be friendly

We not only understand technology, we understand what it means to be a technologist. This site is built by technologists for technologists. There are people here, we fix stuff, just like you. Who wants a heartless portal and off-shore support? We don’t do that. Want someone that will be on that conference call at 2am, thinking with you, solving it and congratulating you at the end? That’s us.

be flexible

At ColoCenters, our goal is not to sell you a service you don’t need or be right all the time. We want to solve your problem and if that means reducing our service levels to accommodate your needs, so be it.  We pride ourselves on being flexible in how we do business because business today requires that level of flexibility as all business problems are not the same.

location, location, location

Our facility is directly beneath the Westin Building Exchange Fiber Meet-Me Room (WBX-FMMR). We are literally 10 inches away from the most central handoff point in the Pacific Northwest. Combined with our own dedicated private access to the WBX-FMMR, we give you your own controlled micro-access with the lowest cross-connect fees in the market.  Since every carrier must be in the WBX-FMMR, you have direct access to the widest array of bandwidth providers possible, less than an arm’s length away.

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Decades of proven experience and history give you incredible advantages.  Our services include:

Custom Tier-3 Power

We are redundant all the way to the utility sub-stations.

The city can take a full power hit, the building can lose an entire generator plant, the facility can drop a UPS, and you’re still online. 99.999999% recorded uptime, (we call it “five nines plus”).

Cross Connects

Multi-homing your network for performance and security? Order it from the vendor, you notify us, and we deliver it to your rack, complete with testing.

Cloud Solutions

Hybrid, Private, or Public solutions available. We specialize in building portable prototypes that you can test, deploy, and modify as needed.

True Smart Hands

High Availability Network devices, pre-boot system diagnostics, virtual workload transfer supervision – whatever your need, we are available 24 hours a day to offer onsite experts on the other side of the phone. We think with you, we obey commands, we confirm before acting. Excellence first.

Account Specific Enterprise Design

Too many companies offer a tech solution and help you change your business to fit, that’s backwards.

We come in, ask to be taught your business, then work with you to define a tech solution that fits your business needs.

Who cares if the website matches the theory of the best practices of UI design? What matters first is that you got the service or product to the client on time – that’s business first, tech second.

(And yes, the UX is as good as the best in the business, too).

Rapid Deployment

You had three months, you’ve got three days, “we’re all gonna die!”

To us, Agile is quaint. We lovingly call it parachute technology. We have decades of experience working on projects around the world in that same nightmarish scenario.

Ask for some war stories, we’ll talk your ear off. (If you’re reading this and you need it, really … it’s going to be ok now).

Our applications demand elastic infrastructure. ColoCenters has provided us with high reliability and performance in even the most demanding transactional periods. I don’t have to worry about my business with ColoCenters.IT Manager, Large Online Retail Store